Book-guide in the topic of the psychology of migration.

The project is called "Psychological first aid kit for migrants" because it contains materials on the topic of migration psychology, practical techniques and recommendations, but it is definitely not an exhaustive resource. This project is an invitation to observe oneself, an illustration of how some mechanisms work. Book emphasize the importance of paying attention to our emotions, needs and physical condition.

No matter how much we want to change and save the world, to achieve ambitious goals, no matter how hard we try, we are still human. With our limitations, weaknesses and personal difficulties, but still with the capacity to feel, to show compassion and care,

to recover and to move on.

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Master of Psychology Science
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For tens of thousands of people, the migration was an opportunity to rescue. "Betrayed, surrendered, shunned" were comments heard even from those closest to them. What is behind these words? Resentment, anger, disappointment? Did the person have a choice? What were the internal feelings that accompanied this decision? What do you answer to people who were forced to leave their country? To people who literally fled the fighting? By answering these questions, we want to create a space of support and acceptance of any choice - whether emigration or a desire to stay, a decision to settle in a new place or to return, to remain involved and interested in the life of the native place or not to read the news for now -- in any case, we have much more reason to help, be considerate to each other and unite rather than be defensive and isolated.

The idea of the book is create a sense of the process that is migration: first we experience stress and loss, trying, getting angry and frustrated, struggling with reality. After that comes a rethinking of what happened, and we integrate these events into our picture of the world. Eventually, we accept the fact of change, finding the resources to act and move on.

I realise that this book will not bring back the house that was destroyed and will not be used as a foundation for a new house, which makes me sad and hurt. But I really hope it can be a mental support, inspiring sensitivity to needs and feelings. There are losses and disappointments in life, but also a reason to create something new, to create and believe, to do something today for a desirable tomorrow.


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